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Testimonials Horse Transport Customers

"Thanks John again for transporting Orion from Ohio to Maryland. You were great wo work with, very accessible both before and during the transport. I was there when he came off of your beautiful truck, where he had comfortable accomodations. He looked great!"  Liz Battin

"When I made the decision to transport my 3 big horses and 3 miniature horses from New York to Florida, over a 24 hour trip, I was so worried about how it would go. Who would do it? Would they get on? Would they be safe? Lose weight? Colic? or even worse die? I was very nervous, having never done anything like this before.

I found John Christine, J.E. Christine of Convenience Transport on a resources site on-line. When I inquired he responded in a timely way. He was thorough in explaining the process, very professional and organized, and helped me to prepare, including necessary documents and pre-travel recommendations for feed.

Mr. Christine arrived on time to my farm, I felt calm once I saw him pull up the trailer which was immaculate and roomy. John went over his truck, engine and trailer carefully before the trip; he is very focused on his task at hand and that was reassuring.

On time, even a few hours early, my horses arrived in excellent condition, walked off calmly, without any problems. They were not even sweaty, and they had no problems in the hours or days that followed.

The fee was fair, and less than the largest shippers, but not the cheapest. I picked him because he was very professional and it was within my means. I would definitely have him ship them again if needed. I highly recommend his horse transport services and for anyone who is new to this,  and love their horses, they will be in excellent hands!"

Sincerely, Nancy King, MS, OTR Executive Director A Horse Connection: Equine Assisted Therapy.

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